Imaginations Cross Cultures is a non-profit organization for students of architecture to gain greater cross cultural understanding through collaboration across disciplines and national borders. 

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Student summer schools are catalysts for change where thoughts and ideas are shared and shaped by the future generation.

The objective for IMAGINATIONS is for students to collaborate and share knowledge across different cultures and thereby enable young student architects to gain a greater cross-cultural understanding through collaboration across disciplines and national borders, and to creatively  consider how the built environment can best respond to, reflect and nurture a strong local cultural identity and civil society.

Activities are focused on process-based teamwork and informal exchange to generate ideas, create networks and expand students international mindset. The output will be measured by the quality of the research manifested through exhibitions, web forums or publications, but the ultimate measure is the success of the teamwork and the continued global network between the students.

Our methodology is process orientated and encourages curiosity and open-ended discussions to fast-forward ideas and encourage collaboration.

Imaginations is based in London and operating worldwide with more than 100 students and professionals already participated in our projects and many more joined our events.

Our summer schools are partnerships between schools of architecture, urban planning and landscape, and prepared by imaginations as two-week summer schools with 3-7 universities from various cultures focusing on topics within a social framework which is beneficial for the wider community.

The schools usually consist of initial walks, sketch assignments and a public symposium to get to know the context and each other, and followed by mixed team workshop and building of 1:1 installations.

Our research projects are interdisciplinary collaborations between creative professionals and Imaginations from various cultures in the shape of 3-6 months research projects.

Each research project is framed within a specific social and community realted topic and taken beyond the idea phase and manifested as tangible outcomes such as public installations, videos, books or events. 



“Imaginations is an informal creative space for cross cultural and interdisciplinary exchange outside academia and practice - an opportunity to engage with communities and ultimately foster stronger civil societies through architecture"


  • Aalborg University, Dept. of Architecture and Design, Aalborg
  • Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Beirut 
  • American University Beirut, Faculty of Architecture and Landscape, Beirut
  • CKU / DCCD, Danish Centre for Culture and Development
  • Cultural Projects, London
  • Bartlett School of Architecture, London
  • Damascus University, Faculty of Architecture, Damascus
  • Danish Architects’ Association
  • GAIA-Heritage, Beirut
  • Galmstrup Ltd., London
  • University of Genoa, Genoa
  • Henning Larsen Architects, Levant & Copenhagen
  • Lebanese American University, Faculty of Architecture and Landscape, Beirut
  • Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul
  • Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen
  • Technische Universität Berlin, Landscape architecture and Open Space Planning, Berlin
  • UIA, International Union of Architects

Imagination was initiated in 2008 by our founding director Anne Marie Galmstrup. Imaginations was registered in 2016 as an independent non-profit organisation in England & Wales and is co-directed by Anne Marie Galmstrup and Robin Cole-Hamilton.

We are a non-profit organisation relying on enthusiastic volunteers and supporting partners. If you would like to learn more about how to become an active volunteer or a supportive partner, please contact us at:


"The Imaginations summer schools invite architecture students from many different cultures to live, think and create together. In doing so, participants are challenged to step beyond the norms and assumptions of their own cultural context and history, and to re-consider the built environment - and the role of the architect - against very different ideas of civil society and community. The results are enriched perspectives, new sources of inspiration, and lasting friendships between young people who will build tomorrow's world."


  • IMAGINATION 1 Architects Cross Cultures, Edited by: Anne Marie Galmstrup, Layout by Line Frier. 1st Edition published by Henning Larsen Architects in April 2009, ISBN 978-87-993081-0-1
  • IMAGINATION 3 Suitable Cultural Institutions, Edited by Anne Marie Galmstrup, Layout by Hani Fakhani. 1st Edition published by Henning Larsen Levant in June 2012, ISBN 978-87-993081-1-8      


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